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A Bridal Hair Boutique

Hi I'm Calina!

From the day I started styling bridal hair for weddings I knew it was something I wanted to do long term. My love for creating new styles that are unique to each bride has developed into my passion. I live for bridal hair!

Over the years I've gone from assistant, to booth renter to salon owner. I was an assistant because I knew there was a lot I didn't know yet and I wanted to learn from the best. I changed to a booth renter because I wanted more freedom in my career. I became a salon owner because I felt there was something missing from the salon experience and I wanted to provide that for my clients.

Now as the years have gone on and my wedding business has flourished I found that now was the time for me to focus solely on my brides. I want to provide a customized experience for each and every bride where they feel comfortable, heard, and pampered. I want my brides to know that they are the most important person on their wedding day and I am there to make sure that happens. 

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About: About
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