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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I bring my veil and hair accessories to the trial? Yes absolutely. It is ok if you don’t have them yet, but if you want to see how your hair will truly look the day of your wedding it is nice to have them on hand.

When should I have my trial? And is it really necessary? You should have your trial whenever you have your dress picked out and when you are happy with the length and color of your hair. While trials are not required they do make the day of your wedding run flawlessly with little to no trial and error. It will be quicker the day of if we already know what we are doing and can get right to work. With that being said, you can absolutely change your style the day of with no questions asked. We are flexible!


Can I bring someone to my trial? While we recommend coming to your trial alone, you can bring one support person. We find that we can connect with our brides the most if they come by themselves and really talk to us about what they are hoping to achieve with their hair and makeup. Sometimes outside opinions add stress to the trial and the bride may feel uncomfortable speaking their mind.

Wedding Day

Do you require a meal to eat on the day of the wedding? While we appreciate the gesture we do not require a meal, there isn't time to eat!

Why don't you offer blowouts for on location services? Everyone has different hair and over the years we have found that we just aren't prepare enough when working on location to do blowouts for everyone. We can't bring all the necessary types of products for each individual type of hair. Besides, it's a wedding, you should look fabulous and not how you look every other day.

Will there be a hair and makeup timeline/schedule? We actually caution against detailed service schedules.  You will have a set start time which will be determined by the amount of services needed, photographer arrival time for “getting ready” pictures and finish time. We ask that everyone arrive at the set start time and come prepared with clean dry hair for styling and a makeup free moisturized face for makeup application. It is hard to allot specific times as we cannot predict each guests needs. Everyones hair type and desired style will be different. We like to have everyone there and ready to get started so things go smoothly on both ends. The only weddings we've run behind on had detailed schedules.

How far will you travel? We will travel to wherever you need us! Travel fees and accommodations are determined by hair and makeup location and distance from our salon. We traveled to Lake Placid in October 2021 :)

Will I have the same hair stylist/makeup artist as my trial on my wedding day? Yes!

Will you stay for touchups throughout my wedding? Yes! The rate for touchups is $100 per hour per stylist/makeup artist.

What are the best type of hair extensions to get for my wedding day? We recommend getting clip in hair extensions. While hand tied and tape ins are great, they are not as customizable on the day of the wedding. We like to choose what area of the head the extensions are in to accentuate your hairstyle.


Do you need a hotel room for the night before the wedding? In certain situations, yes we will need a hotel room. Overnight accomodations will be required for weddings where 1.5 hours or more of traveling and a start time before 9:00am is necessary. For weddings starting before 7:30am or a travel time of 2 hours or more, overnight accomodations will be required at the salon's discretion. For timing estimates, we need roughly 45 minutes per person. The bride is responsible for arranging accomodations.

What are your bridal suite needs? A great bridal suite should have natural/window light we can work near, plenty of outlets (with updated plugs), mirros, two tables, and two folding or low back chairs.


Do you charge a holiday fee? Yes we do. Every holiday we spend with our brides is a holiday we are missing out on with our own families.

Do you charge an early bird fee? Yes. Wedding with a start time before 7:00 will have a $200 fee.

I have less people than your minimum, can I still get services done with you? You can but you will be charged the minimum of Bride + 5 for both hair and makeup.

Are lashes included in the makeup price? Yes they are!

Are you tips included in the price? No they aren't. Tips are never expected but always appreciated!

Why is my hair more expensive than my bridesmaids? The short answer is you are the bride. You will be the only one with your hairstyle the day of the wedding (unless otherwise requested) and we cater to you. The long answer is we spend months communicating prior to the wedding day. In addition to all the communication we are figuring out logistics, timing, location, travel fees, writing up contracts and creating invoices for you, the bride.

How can I pay for my services the day of the wedding? We accept cash as payment on the day of your wedding. The final balance should be placed in an envelope.


Can I prepay for my services? You can but know that any payments made priot to your wedding day are non refundable.

Can my bridesmaids pay individually for their services? No. Because of the sheer volume of events we work on, taking individual payments from bridesmaids would be a logistically nightmare.


What is your minimum requirement for booking? We require a minimum of 6 people receiving both hair and makeup services in order to book us.

What do you require to book our wedding date? We require a 20% deposit (no more than $500) estimated non refundable deposit and a signed contract.

How far ahead should I book you for my wedding? The simple answer is as soon as you get engaged.

Can I have a trial before placing a deposit and booking you for my wedding? Yes you absolutely can. In this case trials should be booked within 2 weeks of contacting us because we do not hold weddings dates without a deposit.

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